The shift to distance learning is not an easy task, especially for students and teachers who have to adjust both mentally and financially for it.

Even before the pandemic, many schoolteachers in far-flung indigenous areas are already sacrificing a lot. Now, some of them are compelled to shell out some more just to provide their students’ need for their modular learning.

“This is a very challenging time for us and for our students,” shares Teacher Efren, who is now in his 5th year of teaching service. “Some of my students are already having a hard time learning in a face-to-face setup, and now this remote modality is making it even harder for them to learn.”

Most of Teacher Efren’s students in Nunhabatan Elementary School in Lamut, Ifugao belong to the indigenous group, where many households lack technology infrastructure and financial resources to operate online learning at scale.

“It would have been easier if our students could access their modules online but the signal, the students’ incapacity to use those gadgets, and the financial instability of the families here would not simply permit it,” says Teacher Efren.

Because of this, Teacher Efren and his co-teachers maximize every resource they have just to make modular learning work for their students. “Some of the teachers here have been bringing their personal printers because it consumes a lot of time when all of us need to print using the same printer. Sometimes, we also print back-to-back just so we can produce the complete modules for our students.”

To help mitigate the immediate impact of remote learning for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, we continued our efforts to provide schools with supplies needed for modular learning like reams of bond papers, printers, and a set of ink.

“It’s a good thing that Operation Blessing visited us here and blessed us with all these printers and bond papers. These will be very useful in the students’ learning.”

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