When Typhoon Ulysses hit and flooded Tumana, Marikina, Aidbeth’s family were among those who temporarily stayed at the evacuation center because their house was submerged by floodwater. Aidbeth did not hesitate to share around 30 trays of eggs (about 900 eggs) to feed her neighbors who were also affected by the flood and typhoon.

Five months after, God returned the eggs she gave others, almost five times more—the 900 eggs she gave away were multiplied to 3,000 eggs!

Aidbeth Verano, 41, is one of our kababayans who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was a dishwasher in a canteen before.

Aidbeth is a solo parent providing for her three children. She cannot afford to just stay at home like what the government advised everyone.

“One of my siblings started selling salt through consignment. So, we started to have money for food and were able to buy our daily needs. Then, it was September when I started selling eggs,” says Aidbeth.

By that time, the restrictions in Metro Manila had eased to General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

“My earnings from selling eggs support our daily needs. Sometimes, I am very happy if I earn ₱500 to ₱600 ($10 to $12) a day. But, because there are also a lot of vendors in the area, my usual daily earning ranges from ₱200 to ₱300 ($4 to $6).”

However, Typhoon Ulysses challenged Aidbeth’s newfound beginning.

“During the Typhoon Ulysses, I had around 70 trays of freshly delivered eggs. We were able to sell half of it for two days, while the other half was submerged in floodwater. The eggs were still good for consumption though. So, we distributed about 30 to 40 trays of eggs to our neighbors who were also flooded. We also ate some of the eggs while waiting for the relief goods,” shares Aidbeth.

After the Typhoon, they were not able to sell eggs for almost two months.

Even though her family seemed to be back to square one, Aidbeth was not discouraged. She trusted that the God who takes away is also the God who provides.

True enough, the eggs she chose to give away to her neighbors were returned to Aidbeth through Operation Blessing’s Community Rehabilitation Program.

Aidbeth received 100 trays or 3,000 eggs, so much more than the eggs she distributed to others!

“I am thankful to God for His faithfulness to me. He never left me and my family. I also thank Operation Blessing for being God’s channel of blessing to so many of my kababayans here in Marikina.”

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