One of those people who lined up to avail of the free dental services of Operation Blessing in Barangay Lisap, Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro is the 23-year-old student Kevin Repil.

Our team had the chance to hear Kevin’s story as he registers his name and contact details on a media release form – using his feet.

The birth defect that left Kevin without arms pushed him to make use of his feet as hands.

But standing out in school because of his disability was rough for Kevin because the more he stands out, the more he gets picked on. “Bullies tell mean things about me which are really discouraging. But I know I should never let physical limitations come in the way of my life.”

Instead of focusing on what he lacks, Kevin takes advantage of whatever help that is available to continue his life, like the full scholarship offered to him by his school. “I am determined to finish my studies because I wanted to support my family,” he said.

Kevin’s family was supportive of his dream to get a degree in Computer Science. His mother left him and his two siblings so their father, who was a manual laborer, worked diligently to provide for their family and buy Kevin a laptop that he can use in his studies.

“I always try to do things normally like other people do, only that I use feet instead of arms. So after I get my tooth extracted today, I’ll brush my teeth using my feet and complete my tasks using my feet also.”

Full of optimism, Kevin shared, “It was hard, but I got used to it. I thank God that He made me flexible to do things others find hard to do despite having complete and normal limbs.”

And for the people who are fully capable physically and financially, Kevin has this to say: “Maximize whatever God has given to you. If you have the means, make full use of it for His good purposes.”

Kevin is just one of our many kababayans whom we were able to help during our medical and dental mission in Oriental Mindoro. Help us bring relief to more people in need by supporting our ongoing medical outreaches! DONATE NOW through For more details on how to donate and make sponsorships, contact 09399215543 or 09189067753