Erlinda Sanguines began to suffer from diminishing vision in her right eye due to cataract when the COVID-19 pandemic was already posing serious threats to many people’s health and economic well-being in the country.

“It started when I felt a clouding in my right eye. I told my daughter, Joy, I wanted to go to the hospital, but because of the quarantine measures implemented that time, I was not able to have my eye checked up,” shares Erlinda.

Erlinda lives in Meycauayan, Bulacan. When Typhoon Ulysses hit November last year, floodwater entered their house.

“I did not mind my cataract that time because, in my mind, all I need to do is save myself from the flood.

After the storm, Erlinda transferred to Caloocan to stay at Joy’s place, where hospitals will be more accessible. She was then able to have her eye check-up, but the quoted cost was too much for the family to afford at the time. Her granddaughter, one of the family providers, lost her job as a call center agent when her company retrenched due to the pandemic.

Joy’s bread and butter, which is her catering business, also experienced income loss because of the situation.

That is when Joy decided to seek the help of Operation Blessing (OB).

Through its Healthcare Program, OB was able to help Erlinda receive cataract surgery on February 5.

“Thank you for all the help you have given us, my mother’s constant headaches were gone, and she is thankful for OB’s help. I have been myself a volunteer in OB, and now, I am very thankful to have experienced being helped,” says Joy, a regular volunteer for OB’s Disaster Response since 2011.

Two weeks after the operation, Erlinda said she could not see anything but bright white light.

Upon check-up, Erlinda was diagnosed with Endophthalmitis, an inflammation of the intraocular cavities, and was advised to have another eye operation.

Erlinda underwent a vitrectomy operation to address the inflammation in her right eye, only a month after her first operation.

“I am a strong person but when it comes to my mother, I become weak. Thankfully, I have OB who has been like a family to me and is there to comfort me when there are highs and lows,” says Joy.

As of her last check-up, Erlinda said she finally could read and watch the TV, though she is not forcing her right eye because she is aware it is still healing.

Thank you for helping Erlinda regain her eyesight. Now she can lovingly see and appreciate more her family and other loved ones around her. Let us continue praying for her road to full recovery.

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