9-year-old Romnick Espinosa is one of the surviving Surigaonon living in the Municipality of Cantilan, which was recently devastated by Tropical Storm Auring (Dujuan).

Some houses in Surigao Del Sur were submerged in floodwater after Auring brought heavy rain to Surigao del Sur.

To help provide relief, Operation Blessing’s Disaster Response Team went to Surigao to distribute thousands of food bags to four different sites heavily stricken by the tropical storm.

Apparently, when Operation Blessing got to Barangay Magasang, Purok 5, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur on March 8, none of the residents of the Barangay had yet received any form of relief after their municipality was also ravaged by the disaster.

Romnick was patiently sitting on the side, waiting for him and his mother to be ushered by the coordinators.

To build a connection with Romnick, one of our volunteers asked if she could take a photo with him and if she could wear some of his rubber bands. Then, they became friends.

Romnick’s mother, Myra Puyales, shared that at around 7 in the evening of February 21, with heavy rain and rough winds, their entire house was suddenly flooded as the water held back by a dam was released. What made the flood worse was the water that rushed down from the mountain.

Myra narrated how she endured the flood with Romnick and her younger son Roni Espinosa, Jr, 5 years old. She had to be strong and make decisions for her kids since her husband went to Tago, Surigao to visit his mother.

Myra did not evacuate to the Barangay Hall since it was fully occupied and was flooded. She decided to stay in their house instead. Together with her children, she sat in one corner of their house, praying, “God, please help us! Please stop the flood!”

Myra shared that Romnick asked her why the flood does not stop? While his younger brother was crying, Romnick comforted him by encouraging him to stop crying and know that Jesus is behind them.

God truly answers prayers. Romnick’s faith in the Lord was affirmed when God not only saved him and his family from the storm but even provided a way for relief to be delivered to their home at just the right time.

Receiving the food bags, Romnick and his family have enough rice to last them for a week.

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