July 2, 2020 became the most remarkable date for Justine as his long wait for his surgery finally came to an end. It was also right after that day when he managed to beam a radiant and confident smile on his face.

As a young boy, Justine knew something is wrong with him. Because of his facial cleft, he seldom associated with other people.

Coming from an underprivileged family, Justine understood that his family’s resources are not enough to send him to a hospital to be treated. But as soon as the boy’s health condition and medical concerns were brought to the attention of Operation Blessing (OB), Justine was immediately offered medical assistance to help him receive proper treatment.

Completing the surgery to correct Justine’s facial cleft was made complicated by several issues. When he was first examined by a pediatrician last September 2019, Justine was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was then advised to take medications and complete a series of follow-up checkups.

After almost one month, Justine had his laboratory and medical examinations. He displayed no signs of asthma and was cleared for surgery by the anesthesiologist.

However, Justine was prescribed to take antibiotics, antihistamines, and vitamins because of his health complication.

Through OB’s assistance, Justine was able to take his medication even during the period of lockdown and strict quarantines. He went in and out of the hospital for checkups until he was finally cleared for surgery on June 27 and was scheduled 5 days later.

The surgery lasted for three hours and no other complications were noted. A few days after, his stitches were removed, and improvements became more visible. He can now eat without spilling over his food, and he can also bite with his teeth.

Since the surgery, Justine had fewer episodes of asthma and has been noted to have increased confidence. He readily welcomes people and gives them high fives!

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