“We are always prepared for typhoons. But we are not prepared for the destruction brought by Rolly.”

Living in a typhoon-prone island province, Mylene Santiago, 31, from Brgy. Benticayan, Baras, Catanduanes, thought that it was just another normal stormy day.

They immediately fled to safety and transferred to an evacuation center when they heard that a super typhoon would make landfall in their area.

“I could hear the strong winds ripping off roofs and mangling houses. I was crying and asking God to keep us all safe,” Mylene narrates as she recalls their dreadful experience.

When the worst of the storm passed, they tried to go home to check on their house, but they could no longer see any trace of it.

It has been swept away into the sea.

“Everything is gone. But at least, we are still alive to start anew,” Mylene shares, still full of hope.

They started rebuilding their house from scrap materials under a tarp, “I was praying to God to send help so we can at least sleep comfortably at night. For months, my husband and I are lying on the cold sand so our three kids could sleep on the pallet bed.”

Hearing about the good news of Operation Blessing’s donation of building materials, Mylene breaks down and cries for so much joy.

“Words cannot describe how thankful I am to God for sending Operation Blessing here in Baras. The Lord is indeed an answering God!” she joyfully testifies.

“These would be of great help to us since we cannot afford on buying these materials on our own. Thank You, Lord! Thank you, Operation Blessing!”

You, too, can deliver help to the coastal communities affected by the typhoons in our country. Be an answer to someone’s prayer today! DONATE NOW through www.obphil.com/give. For inquiries, please contact 09399215543 or 09189067753. #OneStepAhead