Jimuel is a laborer in Barangay San Jose, Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte. When he heard that Operation Blessing (OB) has food bags to be given away to the residents affected by Tropical Storm Auring (Dujuan), he quickly dropped his work and enlisted his name.

His feet were still covered with dust from hauling sand. Sweat dripping from his face, he was a picture of a laborer under extreme tiredness.

Yet he didn’t mind how he appeared on that day. He knew that his meager income would not be enough to put food on their table, while OB’s food bag could ensure him and his family that they could be eating more than a day’s meal and his earning will be spent on some other necessities instead.

Jimuel is 36 years old. He has two young children. His wife just stays at home and takes care of them. He knows God loves them so much because, in spite of their hard situation, the Lord faithfully supplies their needs. He also spares them from sickness. He attributes this as a special favor from God.

This was also declared by Jimuel’s wife, Ching-Ching, in OB’s conversation with her during the distribution. They believe that no matter how great the storm that comes into their lives, if they would keep the Lord in their hearts, they will not be shaken.  According to them, “Hardships in life make [their] faith stronger.”

The couple lives in a small hut beside a dam. During the onslaught of #Auring, their area was flooded, and the water reached chest-deep. They were thankful their house was elevated that their few possessions were saved from being destroyed. They testified that the power of God in prayer manifested in that incident because the water slowly subsided when they asked God to intervene.

That answered prayer, along with others, made their faith stronger that they don’t hesitate to trust God. They deeply know that God will never leave them.