The lockdown due to the coronavirus has brought unprecedented hardships not just for the Filipino workers but also to the tribal communities, as it drastically threatened their livelihood. Adding to their burden is their limited access to healthcare, education, and financial help.

This was the plea of the parents of Bea and Marianne Rodrigo, two of the Bless-A-Child (BAC) beneficiaries in the isolated town of Sitio Kabuhuan, Rodriguez, Rizal. Their father could not go to work in the farm because of the quarantine rules, making it hard for him to make ends meet and feed his children. To make matters worse, their mother Leonisa had an accident which injured her left shoulder. She could not go to the hospital because of the fear that she may be exposed to the virus.
When Operation Blessing visited them, the Dumagat families received essential food supply that will help them go through this difficult season.

“The food packages and hygiene supplies are a big help to our family. We will have enough food on our table and my children will not get hungry while we’re still in the quarantine period. Thank you for helping us meet our needs during this time of pandemic,” Leonisa, shared gratefully.

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